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Success Stories from Cancer Patients in the Denver, Colorado Area

Nothing brings us more joy than the day our patients enter remission after undergoing one of our many treatments for cancer. Patients suffering from various forms of cancer have finally found relief in our specialized treatment and therapeutic procedures; read some testimonials from a few of our patients below on what Dr. David Schreiber (M.D.) and Littleton Radiation and Medical Oncology has done for them:

Prostate Cancer Treatment

fred-pasternac-159x228“In the early 90’s at a health fair, I had a procedure done to check my PSA. The results of the test proved to be high and it was suggested that I see a urologist. I went to a urologist who, after further testing, found a lesion of cancer on the prostate. It was very small and I wasn’t looking to have a prostatectomy, so I decided to do nothing and just keep watch on it.

Over the next 6 years, my PSA continued to rise. Finally, after discussing the options with my urologist, I decided to see Dr. Schreiber.

Dr. Schreiber suggested Brachytherapy which he performed two years ago. The procedure went fine and as a matter of fact, I was riding a bike within a couple of weeks after the seeds were implanted.

I was very happy with Dr. Schreiber and I liked his professional demeanor. I also heard good things about him from former patients and other physicians around the Denver community.

How am I doing? Well recently my PSA was checked and everything appears to be normal. I feel great and I’m cancer-free. Can there be anything better than that?”

-Fred Pasternac

Breast Cancer Treatment

jeanna-finch-159x228“My personal journey with breast cancer began in 1990, took another bump in 1991, returned again in 1996 and finished in 1998. I met Dr. Schreiber during my first diagnosis in 1990. At the time, I had a lumpectomy followed by chemotherapy and then radiation treatments that were handled by Dr. Schreiber. In 1998, I had a recurrence and Dr. Schreiber recommended a radiation implant for me. He performed the implant successfully.

I first selected Dr. Schreiber based on recommendations from other doctors who were treating me, and from other patients who had been treated by Dr. Schreiber.

I believe Dr. Schreiber is a pioneer. He has demonstrated to me personally that he is willing to step ahead of this time, outside the normal protocol without ever putting a patient’s well-being at risk.

He stays current with regard to treatment options, always answers all of my questions and is also very attentive, careful and thorough.

Dr. Schreiber has made Littleton Radiation and Medical Oncology a very innovative practice. He has taken the steps to not only advance the technology but to make the best treatment options available for patients.”

– Jeanna Finch

Cancer Treatment

“I am impressed by and grateful for Dr. Schreiber’s expertise and commitment to steering his patients to a successful resolution to a frightening situation. I appreciate his candor and succinct approach in explaining procedures, follow-up and patient responsibility. His commitment to excellence is reflected in the competency, compassion and genuine concern of all of his staff. His nurse, Grace, was particularly outstanding. I am so grateful for their help and support in a trying time.”

– David Kolquist