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Denver Cancer Treatment Center - Littleton Radiation and Medical Oncology

Independent Cancer Treatment Facility Founded In 1987

Littleton Radiation and Medical Oncology is a cancer treatment center in Denver, Colorado that offers a rare blend of leading-edge technology and individual attention for every cancer patient who seeks our assistance. Unlike hospitals and other cancer treatment centers, our independent cancer treatment facility is not in an institutional setting. Instead, it provides advanced treatment options in a personal, warm, and caring environment. We specialize in treating all types of cancer with the most advanced technology available—including linear accelerators, which deliver a uniform dose of high-energy x-rays to treat tumors.

Other treatment modalities include brachytherapy (the implantation of radioisotopes) and hyperthermia. We treat almost all types of common and rare solid cancers, such as the following:

· Breast cancer · Spine cancer
· Prostate cancer · Pancreatic cancer
· Brain cancer · Lymphoma
· Lung cancer · Meningioma
· Colon cancer · Kidney cancer
· Liver cancer · Head & Neck Cancer
· Cancer Treatment for VA patients · Approved VA provider

With the aid of the most advanced IMRT treatment planning system in the world, we can treat even the most complex of cancers, such as brain and metastatic cancer. We can modify computer plans for your treatment on a daily basis, which is just one of the many ways we differ from other facilities. We also have one to five day treatment options for certain types of cancer, and one day treatment options for prostate and breast cancer.

A Letter from Doctor Schreiber

Littleton Radiation and Medical Oncology's main doctor, Doctor Schreiber, firmly believes that every cancer patient is entitled to receive the best cancer treatment available. The following letter is written by Doctor Schreiber and discusses how we strive to help cancer patients fight said disease and reclaim the life they once had:

When you or someone you love is diagnosed with cancer, it is important that you seek out the highest quality care that will create the best survival chances possible, while simultaneously allowing the achievement of the greatest quality of life. At Littleton Radiation and Medical Oncology , we provide the highest quality cancer therapies available and have a firm understanding of what every patient's goals are.

Since the completion of my residency and brachytherapy fellowships at Stanford University in 1985, I have performed thousands of radiation isotope implants to the brain, eye, head, and neck area, chest and lung, pancreas, liver, pelvic region (including gynecologic and gastrointestinal tumors), and, of course, prostate. With the extensive experience gained from performing such radiation implants, I introduced the new procedure of ultrasound-guided radioactive seed implants to the prostate gland to the Denver area in 1994.

Our successful history has expanded our program dramatically and exponentially over the past years to our present level of activity, where hundreds of patients are treated each year using our leading-edge procedures. Our principles are also defined by understanding that medicine is an art, and care is provided warmly and compassionately. Since our center is not located on a hospital campus, we offer personalized care. We treat patients how we would want our families cared for —one at a time with individualized care.

We Help You Fight for Your Life

Littleton Radiation and Medical Oncology has helped individuals fight various forms of cancer. Not only do we specialize in treating prostate and breast cancer, but brain cancer, lung cancer, and other cancers, as well.

Some of the different types of cancers that we can treat include:

  • Breast cancer occurs when a malignant tumor(s) develop from cells in the breast. Oftentimes, breast cancer begins in the cells of the lobules, which are the milk-producing glands, or the ducts, which are the passages that drain milk from the lobules to the nipple.
  • Brain cancer involves malignant cells joined together to form a mass of cancer tissue that interferes with brain functions, such as memory, muscle control, sensation, and other normal body functions.
  • Lung cancer causes more deaths than breast, colon, and prostate cancer combined. When a person has lung cancer, healthy lung tissue is destroyed by cancerous cells growing without order or control.

We also treat many other cancers, including kidney cancer, melanoma, and thyroid cancer.

Treatment Options at Littleton Radiation and Medical Oncology

At Littleton Radiation and Medical Oncology, we use only the most advanced treatment options for our patients. For example, we can use brachytherapy to treat a majority of cancers. When doctors use brachytherapy, they place radioactive seeds in or near the tumor, giving a high radiation dose directly to the tumor. Unlike other forms of cancer treatment, brachytherapy reduces the radiation exposure in the surrounding healthy tissues.

We also use hyperthermia, which is also known as thermal therapy or thermotherapy. This is based upon research that has shown exposing cancer cells to high temperatures can damage and kill cancer cells. Another form of treatment is intensity-modulated radiation therapy, which uses a computer-controlled device to deliver precise doses of radiation to tumors or specific areas within the tumors. This type of radiation therapy can stop cancer cells from dividing and growing, which ultimately slows or stops tumor growth. In other situations, we use stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT). SBRT uses a specifically designed system that precisely locates tumors in the body, and delivers either single or multiple high doses of radiation treatments.

Innovative Cancer Care – One Patient at a Time

If you have cancer and are tired of visiting cold and bleak hospitals for your cancer treatments, please consider visiting our Littleton Radiation and Medical Oncology center. Not only do our doctors provide cancer treatments, we also have a surgery center located a few minutes away from our treatment facility. Since 1985, we have helped thousands of cancer patients fight their disease and live the life that they had prior to cancer. Our website features success stories from some of our patients that we have successfully treated at our facility.

Littleton Radiation and Medical Oncology is more affordable than most institutional settings, and we accept most insurance plans. For those who wish to self-pay, we have affordable self-pay rates. Please contact our facility to schedule an appointment to meet with one of our cancer doctors or to learn more about our state-of-the-art cancer treatment options. Call us today at (303) 738-8700 to learn more about how we can help you.

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